Labor and Delivery Nursing

Labor and delivery nurses assist pregnant ladies throughout the parturition experience, from early labor through delivery and also the immediate postnatal period. Labor and delivery nurses coach mothers through tough contractions, giving encouragement and recommendation on pain management. They additionally monitor each the baby and also the mother’s tolerance for labor, and keep alert for any potential medical complications that may occur. Labor and delivery nurses administer medications, as well as epidurals, and assist physicians or midwives with the particular delivery. Labor and delivery (L&D) nurses are distinctive among the various kinds of nurses as a result of they need a really specific job: to assist deliver healthy babies and find moms through the method safely. In essence, they're doing what some may contemplate the foremost vital nursing job of all – bringing new lives into this world. Primary responsibilities of associate L&D nurse include:

  • Monitor each the baby’s and mother’s important signs, as well as pulse and pressure
  • Time contractions
  • Identify and assist with handling complications
  • Help administer medications and epidurals
  • Aid in inducement labor
  • Coach new mothers throughout the period of the labor and delivery
  • And, of course, there’s additionally heaps of hand-holding, encouragement, and comforting occurring in birthing rooms in addition.