Telemedicine and E-health Nursing

Telemedicine nursing is one amongst the rising fields, wherever the Nurses meet the consumer via the web-based system, communication, info provided via on-line this conjointly evolved in personal digital assistant like smartphones etc. Telemedicine , is one amongst the promising field wherever they'll reach everyplace like rural areas, access in emergency things etc. patient’s area unit presently able to access their health care suppliers through video conferencing, instant electronic communication, email and various styles of technology. This field, stated as telehealth, is growing as a result of the demand for larger access and convenience in health care, in step with Hospitals & Health Networks. Advances in technology modify nurses to act with patients remotely. This has led to the term “telemedicine nursing” or “telehealth nursing,” that's made public as “the use of telehealth/telemedicine technology to deliver medical aid and conduct nursing apply,” advantages of telemedicine nursing: price saving, flexibility simple to achieve the agricultural areas, quality care.